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with Malva 28.09. - 01.10.2023

4 days retreat filled with meaningful wellbeing experiences in the vegan heaven on earth. 

Join us for a unique Vegan Yoga Experience at Villa Vegana on Mallorca and catch the last days of warm summer days! Strengthen your body and mind and bring yourself back into balance with a unique blend of yoga, plant based delicious food, hikes in Tramuntana mountains and meditation. Enjoy the beautiful location, the warm & familiar atmosphere, free roaming animals and breathtaking nature.



Synergy Vinyasa is a holistic practice based on the Hatha Yoga tradition and the Synergy method developed by Simon Borg Olivier. Deeply rooted in the essence of yogic philosophy, it aims to cultivate sensitivity, inner strength, openness and acceptance. 


We will go on a hike in the nearby Tramuntana mountain. The range runs from southwest – northeast across the northern third of the island. The highest peak lies at 1,445 meters, with many peaks over 1,000 meters. We will be hiking in moderate temperature through rough terrain including rocky landscapes.


In Sanskrit, the word mouna means “silence”. In its most basic essence, this can be practiced as non-speaking. We will start the days in silence which will help us to set up an undisturbed space for meditation. 


A cooking class is the easiest way to learn the art of vegan food - as you’ll get instruction, tips and ingredients. We will create hands on vegan creations with step-by-step guidance from Jens (chef and founder of Villa Vegana), and then savor our dishes on a nicely set up dinner. 

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